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We are dedicated to guiding individuals and organizations on the journey to purpose, prosperity, and success.

We could all use support during the key stages of our financial journey towards greatness

Kingdom Wealth and Joy supports employees facing challenges in achieving peak performance. We understand issues like motivation, skills, and obstacles. Our focus is on clarifying life purpose and financial success to overcome these challenges. We are committed to helping individuals and organizations reach their goals by providing guidance and support. Through expert advice and resources, we empower employees to unlock their potential.

Kingdom Wealth and Joy is your dedicated partner in achieving personal and professional success. Let us guide you to a future filled with purpose, financial stability, and achievement.

Founder & Head of School

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Yolanda Jenkins


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We are transforming individuals into leaders through Financial Literacy Education for positive change in personal and professional lives.
Empowering employees with in-depth financial literacy education to reduce stress, boost productivity, and cultivate loyalty, creating a flourishing and fulfilled workforce.
Meet the Team

Experts in giving your financial the best start

Angie Ng CC

Certified Financial Practitioner, CFP

Nicholas Tan

Financial Literacy Trainer

Seetha Subramany

Teacher: 3-4 year olds

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Had the great privilege to play my 9th time! Learning more and more from every time I play with others. Learnt different strategies to enter the victory lane younger and younger.. Truly a great way to learn financial literacy!

Jonathan Tan, Entrepreneur

I have played 7 times and every time I learned something new about myself. It’s a fast track learning experience and to experiment with life events. I only have one life to live, I do think of the paths I didn’t take and will I regret them one day when I’m older. With this stimulation game, I realise this though is no longer there and I felt a sense of relief! It also changed my perspective of relationships- I can’t be successful alone and I need a team to help me and each other to get there. If you are struggling to find ‘yourself’ or direction in life, this stimulation game is a good place to start!

Nora Tan, Interpreter

My experience with this training has been truly eye-opening, revealing a world of opportunities and highlighting the significance of effective communication. Trust me, once you give this simulation a try, you'll be hooked! It has ignited a constant drive within me to seek out new opportunities in the real world.

Simon, Physiotherapist

More than just a joyful place

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